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Humans of the Internet is a podcast lounge

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Launched at MozFest 2017, Humans of the Internet is an inviting space where event participants can get interviewed in 15 minutes or less and have a professional illustrator create a custom avatar. Becoming an “Internet Human” is a great way to elevate people’s work, document and share stories, gather insights, and deepen connections. 

Humans of the Internet offers different ways to participation pathways, or “human missions“:

  • Get interviewed
  • Interview someone else
  • Explore stories (audio or text)
  • Be a sensemaker — digging deep to reveal the hidden patterns and meanings in the MozFest story universe
  • Become a researcher by setting up your own StoryEngine (an hour-long workshop)
  • Volunteer to help the space run smoothly
Amy Hearn and Tabitha Witherick interview each other at MozFest 2017.

The basic question set

Thanks for conducting a Humans of the Internet interview! This basic question set should take about 15 minutes. Feel free to add your own questions to get clarifications or dig deeper into specifics. Printable version »  

  1. Can you tell me a bit about your work? Perhaps starting with a broad overview, then highlighting what you’re working on now?
    ADJUST for students.
  2. Thinking about your work, tell me about a time when you felt a sense of success.
    EXAMPLES: breakthrough, insight, interaction, approach — sense of accomplishment or pride
    PROBE for a specific example/anecdote if response is too broad: That’s a great example of a type of success — Can you give me a specific anecdote or example related to that?
  3. How about an example of a challenge?
    EXAMPLES: Persistent or recurring challenge, current issue with work.
    PROBE for how they’ve approached addressing this challenge.
  4. This space is called “Humans of the Internet”What — for you — is a “healthy internet”?
    NOTE: Some people find it difficult to answer such a broad question. Emphasize you’re not looking for a “right” answer but their own words. You may need to allow for some silence.
    — How does this compare to how you perceive and experience the internet today?
    — Is this specific to where you live?
  5. Can you point to something that makes you feel optimistic for the future of the internet?
  6. How about something that worries you about the internet?
  7. What led you to be here at MozFest today?
    PROBE for pathways, what is valued, highlights so far
  8. Anything more you want to tell me? Anything you want to ask?

Thank you!