Use Cases

We’ve been asking about your needs and how you envision using these stories. Here’s what we heard so far. This is in addition to feedback about the prototype.

I need examples to drop into presentations

I need short quotes and portraits (image of a person that gives a sense of personality) or some visual to explain what I do — especially for presentations. Action: Matt has used Stuart Lynn’s story to create a public-facing version, pulling out quotes and adding an image.

I’d like a collection of assets and tools

A collection of assets would be helpful, a practical library of tools useful for day-to-day work, like Uses This. Action: Currently we’re not asking specifically about this, although it has come up and we can be more aware of it. For example Robby Kraft mentioned how much he relies on Stack Overflow.

We need to capture event outcomes

We need a place to document events and post wrap-up materials. We say we’re going to blog afterwards, but end up losing track of what is significant and valuable.

I need content that moves people toward action — looking forward and highlighting people, strategies, resources

I need to get people into problem-solving mode, not focus on the past. We want to create activists — show people there are concrete actions that they can take. Stories about people using or helping others use digital knowledge/skills to raise voices around open internet issues. Stories that surface ideas Mozilla might be able to support. The idea is to inspire, not to scare: “Building the web you trust” / “This is why you should trust the web”.



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