Feedback so far

To date, we’ve received just shy of 30 tips on our prototype. Here’s the feedback we received and what we did next (or have lined up to do). You can also view use cases »

What we heard… What we did…
Add extra fields for links Added bigger box on tip form; now links can be added on separate lines
Define the terms Added links on tip form.
It was hard to boil down their story into a sentence and then to categorize them in the options provided — I ended up using the "other" option quite a bit
This is an okay problem at the prototyping phase because it is an opportunity to hear from users what their "other" categories are. In the next phase, we're exploring developing a signification framework where users can self-signify stories (based on SenseMaker's stones, triads, and dyads)
Connect to Open Leadership Development Project
TO DO: Document StoryEngine and package it as a sharable deliverable — these updates are part of that effort
Highlight stories that can be used for State of the Web — with an emphasis on demonstrating the world we want and the challenges we want to avoid/address for each issue area
Each story lists the issues connected to it, as determined by the "tipper" + we've also added boxes to the tip form where you can indicate who it might be useful for
Keep in mind that the StoryEngine will be an important input for the Issues Radar, which will track what Mozilla & our network is doing related to each issue
Each story lists the issues connected to it and later we will add the ability to filter by approach, issue, and team
Make sure that impact stories get to fundraising team
Added boxes to the tip form where the "tipper" can indicate which team may be interested in this story + TO DO develop a system to follow up with those teams after we have the full story
This should align with the Network Pulse prototype
How can event organizers plug into this initiative? For example I returned from the Mozfest planning retreat excited to test a simple tool there for collecting projects/stories
TO DO: Develop a way to Use the activities and energy around events to fuel StoryEngine and show results and value quickly
Can teams submit stories?,
Yes — and it is also okay to submit failures because we need that feedback!
What is our process for dealing with personally identifiable information?
All respondents review their story and fill out a consent form before we share publicly — considering having option to only use for internal research, which would require a system for managing this data


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