StoryEngine production process

StoryEngine one

The process has three main steps:

  1. Record the interview. Reach out to someone in the interview queue. Schedule an interview. Ask them our interview questions. Record it in Skype.
  2. Edit, approve, and publish the transcript. Submit the audio recording to the transcription service. Get a raw transcript back. Edit it. Send it to the interviewee for approval. Get approval. Post the approved transcript to the website + coded database.
  3. Turn the approved transcript into a polished, completed story. So that it can be shared in a number of different formats and channels. Feed it into Pulse, so that it appears on MLN web site. Pass it along to Communications for publishing on our social channels + Medium streams. Plus Marketing for (less frequent + higher impact) publishing on appropriate pages, campaigns, Internet Health Report, + bigger marketing channels.

Step 1 + 2: Recording the interview and producing an approved transcript


Step 3: Turning an approved transcript into a published story

Scan 1


How do we edit and streamline this process?