How to interview Conducting a StoryEngine interview is easy, rewarding, and a great way to learn and connect

Three steps:

  1. Schedule your interview. Use your own initiative to reach out to someone inspiring you already know.
  2. Record your interview. See interview questions, tips, and tools below.
  3. Share the audio file with us. So we can transcribe and process it. That’s it!

1) Schedule the interview

  • Pick someone to interview. Use your own initiative to reach out to someone you know doing something inspiring around Internet Health.
  • Email your interview subject. Use our sample email copy to make it easier. You’ll want to schedule a 45–60 minute audio or video chat online, using a tool like Skype or whatever works best for you and your subject.
  • Get consent to conduct the interview. This is the form we use; for virtual interviews we send it out using HelloSign.

Pro tip: use a tool like to make scheduling the interview faster and easier.

2) Record the interview

Once you connect, you’ll want to thank your interview subject, explain how the process will work, and start recording.

  • Ask for permission to record. We usually conduct interviews using Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype. We generally say something like this, to explain how the process will work:

“With your permission, I’d like to record this interview. Afterwards, I’ll send the audio file to a transcription service. Once we get the transcript back, we’ll send it to you to review.

At that point, you can correct and edit the transcript any way you like. We’re interested in your story — in what you want to say — not a faithful word-for-word document of our conversation. So you don’t have to worry about being perfectly articulate; you can always make changes and corrections later.

Once your story reads the way you want, you can send it back to me and fill a Consent to Publish form. The story will be shared under a Creative Commons Attribution license. I’ll also ask you for a high-resolution photo of yourself. Then, we’ll share your approved story on our web site and social media, so others can learn from it. Does that sound OK?”

  • That’s it! Wrap up. We usually end with a big thanks, and let folks know it usually takes 3-4 weeks before we receive their transcript, and that we’ll be in touch as soon as we do.

3) Share your audio file for transcription

  • Now let’s process and share all that juicy wisdom you collected! Upload the audio file to Google Drive and send us the link so that it can be transcribed and processed.
  • Once the audio is transcribed, we’ll get in touch with you about next steps. Thanks for adding to the collective health and knowledge of the universe!