Get involved with the Mozilla Network storytelling project

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1) Interview someone amazing

The fastest (and funnest) way to get involved with the project is to interview someone in the network. Our handy guide has everything you need »

2) Transform a rough transcript into a story

Transcripts come back full of errors, typos, and odd line breaks. Each one needs to be reviewed for flow and clarity, hyperlinked, and complemented with a short bio. The edited transcript is then sent to the interviewee for review and approval — at this point they can make any changes they want. It’s their story. Then, the polished transcript is posted to this site and can be used as raw material for others within the Mozilla Foundation and beyond. See our editing guide (GoogleDoc)»

3) Dive into our work

  • Chat channel  (Mozilla Chat) — Say hi anytime! We’re here to help.
  • Roadmap — What we’re working on month by month.
  • Tasks (GitHub Issues) — What we’re working on day by day.

4) Join our next community call

All are welcome! Get hands-on training in how to do interviews, how to help process and turn them into stories, ask questions and shape the overall project.